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Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah

“To dance is to be out of yourself Larger, More beautiful, more powerful”
Agnes De Mille.

I have been a dance teacher since 12 years. Dance is my passionate love. Dance was always my side when I went into deep sea of life where out of all difficulties. I could get precious gems with pure hard work and determination. Myself as a person was moulded by the experience gained from dance and the journey of teaching and learning dance. I was learning and unlearning so many things in life like patience, solitude, perseverance, benevolence, modesty, and attitude. The strength and the vibrant energy that I get after doing dance is beyond words.

My best reward in my life is my students as they are my inspiration for subtle or advanced knowledge in all forms of dance I teach.

I was a student of Sree Kerala Varma College where I have flourished myself as a dancer. My debut performance in Mohiniyatam under Guru Prakash Sir was successfully

accomplished by that time. In my college I was able to get a Guru who was my senior under whom I learned more of Mohiniyatam. Her name is Shruthi Shobi, She now runs a dance school in Madras. She was an amazing choreographer and am really proud to be a disciple of Guru Shruthi Shobi. Because of her I was able to be a member of the best team of dance at my college and was able to crown the first prize for Sanganritham in interzone Kalolsavam 2003. Guru Ravi master was our trainer for interzone Kalolsavam. He was Virtuoso in the field of dance especially Nadodinritham when I train my students for the most prestigious Kerala Kalolsavam where the best artist are mould to their best I used to be always reminded of Ravi Sir and his skilfulness in teaching his pupil each portion in so very polished way. As I was fortunate to get his guidance right from my high school time as the part of various competitions it made my confidence build as a dance teacher a class apart.

After I got wed locked with Jijo Mohan who is true better half who supported me and gave wings to my dreams. I rejoined dance class after two years of marriage under Kalamandalam Akshara Teacher, where I was able to learn Mohiniyatam in a wider aspect. Now dance was blended in my veins so very much that I didn’t have a second choice my dream was forming its shape. My profession as a dance teacher was at my door step. I was only waiting for that call to open myself to the world of colours, emotions practice sessions, vibrant music then I had no stop my journey began…. A dream come true in its own way predestined…

It was Advocate Anjana Babu who advised me to start a dance school finally I started my dance school Lakshmi Nritha Vidhyalayam. Although I was a teacher the student in me was always at its way to learn more, more and more. I joined for Kuchipudi under Guru Vasanth Kiran at Bangalore Alliance University. It was a privilege to learn under Guru Amuktamalyada who was the daughter in law of Ballakka who learned Kuchipudi under Gurukula Sampradaya directly from the Veteran Vempati Chinna Satyam master the Indian dancer and Guru of the Kuchipudi dance form. Learning under Amuktamalyada was a blessing as she was a dutiful spirit earnest and pious. Listening to hear was like listening to god itself learned all margams of Kuchipudi from her. I completed my diploma in Bharatanatyam from Kalaikaveri University Trichy. Now am 37 years old. I have been helping my students since 2012 to perform on stage in various competitions and also for various programmes. I was lucky enough to get many chances to perform on stage from my childhood. So I wanted my students also to get ample chance to perform on stage for the same. I made sure that all my students get a chance in one or the other stage. As I know how it feels once you perform.

With the grace of God I was able to get good prestigious stages to my students to perform like Indian Film Awards, Zee Keralam launching ceremony, Flowers Guinness Records. For all these years I was able to make my students perform in various temples for different occasions like Temple Festival, Durga Pooja, Ashtami Rohini, Onam etc… I make sure that all my students get chance to showcase their talent and I personally train all my students.

I am very humbled to present before you the proud moments in my life where my students came out with flying colours in the Kerala Kalolsavam.
I would like to thank all my artist friends especially Kalamandalam Akshaya Mohan, RLV Ashwathy, Thrishivaperoor Kannan who was with me in my journey of dance all these years.

Dance is the hidden language of soul dancing is a part of me now I always love dancing I always love teaching dance.

My humble obeisance to my parents, all my Gurus and God.


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